The Nordmann Fir tree, also known as the 'non-drop' tree, is the most popular tree in the UK. It is the best-selling real Christmas tree every year because of its attractive appearance, long-lasting nature, and minimal needle shedding. To learn more about the Nordmann Fir and determine if it's the right Christmas tree for you, continue reading.


The Nordmann Fir (sometimes spelled as Nordmann Fir) is currently the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. Nordmann Firs are typically grown in the Scottish Highlands and in Eastern Europe where the temperatures are cooler. They are also known as Caucasian Firs with the technical name of Abies nordmanniana. They are more commonly known as a 'non-drop' Christmas tree due to their excellent needle retention. Nordmann Fir trees can grow to be exceptionally tall, with some variations reaching dizzying heights of over 250ft! Those used for Christmas trees, however, are more typically around the 3ft – 12ft range, although it is possible to get both smaller and larger versions. The Nordmann Firs that we offer are grown in Scotland and have been carefully raised for around 10 years. As we only offer premium-grade trees, we select the very best each year, meaning that every Nordmann Fir that we sell is full and bushy with a beautiful shape.

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Even though it is not technically considered the 'original' Christmas tree, the shape of the Nordmann Fir is actually what many people now consider to be the classic Christmas tree shape. It is typically very full and bushy around the base, with progressively shorter branches until you reach the tree crown.

The branches can be very plentiful, which leads to its bushy shape, and they are ideal if you love lots of ornaments on your tree! The color tends to be darker than some other varieties of Christmas tree and has beautiful deep green glossy foliage. The branches and needles are much softer to the touch than those of outdoor trees, making the Nordmann Fir a wonderful choice if you have young children or pets – no more pricked fingers from sharp tree needles! Many Nordmann Firs come with a long top branch, which can either be trimmed down for a tree topper ornament or left as is – it is purely dependent on personal preference.


The Nordmann Fir, also known as the 'non-drop' tree, is highly regarded for its exceptional needle retention. Even when the tree dries out, Nordmann Firs retain most of their needles and are more resistant to heat compared to Norway Spruce trees. If you desire a warm and cozy home with minimal upkeep, it is challenging to find a Christmas tree that outperforms the Nordmann Fir. However, all Christmas trees require regular watering, especially when placed in warm environments. For detailed care instructions for your Nordmann Fir tree, refer to our care guide here. We strongly advise keeping your tree away from direct heat and ensuring it remains well-watered throughout the festive season. While the Nordmann Fir does not emit a strong fragrance like the Norway Spruce and Fraser Fir varieties, it may occasionally exude a fresh, clean, citrus scent.