The Fraser Fir is more well-known in the US than in the UK but is gaining popularity because of its shape and scent. Often thought of as the best of both worlds between the Nordmann Fir and the Norway Spruce, it has a wonderful pine scent like the Norway Spruce but is considered a 'non-drop' tree like the Nordmann Fir. The Fraser Fir is now the best-selling tree in the US for this reason, and we expect it to give the Nordmann Fir a run for its money in the coming years!

About the Fraser Fir Tree

The Fraser Fir tree originates in the United States, specifically in the southeastern states. However, it is now also grown in the Scottish Highlands. The Fraser Fir is the best-selling tree in the US, known for its pointed and bushy shape, as well as its 'non-drop' needles and wonderful citrus-like pine scent. The Fraser Fir is famously chosen as the official tree of the White House, and in 2012, the Obamas were pictured receiving their Fraser Fir Christmas tree. Many people consider the Fraser Fir to possess the ideal qualities for an indoor Christmas tree. These qualities include excellent needle retention, even during shipping and transport, soft needles that are gentle to the touch, a 'traditional' Christmas tree fragrance, and upward-pointing needles that make decorating easy. On average, it takes about 8 years to grow a medium to large-sized Fraser Fir. While it is most popular in the US, its popularity is rapidly growing in the UK.

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Fraser Fir Appearance

The Fraser Fir has a very traditional Christmas tree shape and is similar to the Norway Spruce in its pyramid-like appearance. Additionally, the needles of the Fraser Fir also gently point upward, similar to the Norway Spruce. For this reason, it makes an excellent tree for decorating with Christmas tree ornaments and lights! The coloring is a beautiful deep green with a hint of blue. Despite having the same upward-pointing needles as the Norway Spruce, the Fraser Fir’s needles tend to be softer. While they are not quite as soft as the Nordmann Fir, they are still less prickly than the Norway Spruce and have far better needle retention. Fraser Firs are typically very dense; however, they tend to be more narrow around the base, making them a great choice for those with smaller spaces. Because of their density, you don’t have to sacrifice the full look of the tree while ensuring it still fits in your home!

The ‘Middle Ground’ Christmas Tree

While it may not be the most thrilling way to describe a Christmas tree, the Fraser Fir is undoubtedly an excellent option if you find yourself torn between a Nordmann Fir and a Norway Spruce. It is particularly suitable if you desire a lush, bushy tree but have limited space, as it tends to be narrower at the bottom despite coming in various heights. The shape of the Fraser Fir is full, its color is deep, and its needles have a good lifespan indoors, making it a viable choice for a 'non-drop' tree. Although the Fraser Fir may shed some needles, proper care for your tree (such as keeping it well-watered and away from direct heat sources!) will ensure that it lasts throughout the festive season. While the Fraser Fir may be a newcomer to the UK, its delightful fragrance and non-drop characteristics make it a Christmas tree that is definitely worth considering!