Sustainable Gift Ideas: Send a Loved-One a Christmas Tree

The evergreen tree is traditionally brought into the home as a symbol of eternal love and a celebration of life in the darkest of winter months. Now we can give the gift of love and life to loved-ones by sending a real premium Christmas tree to their door.

All of the best festive memories are made around the Christmas tree and now shoppers can send friends a beautiful non-drop Nordmann Fir knowing it's responsibly sourced from British farms. 

At, customers can order a premium Christmas tree today and select a delivery date to suit, starting from the 27th November 2018 and running until Christmas. Delivery is free and, if ordered after the  27th November, customers can choose the next-day delivery option. 

By buying British, Croft & Cole reduces the miles from field to front door, which means reduced carbon footprint and guaranteed freshness. The thousands of acres of Christmas tree farms across the UK support the environment and provide a home for wildlife, and every tree that the farmers responsibly fell is replanted. 

The British grown, hand-selected Nordmann Fir trees are chosen for their low drop, soft and rounded needles, meaning there is very little mess. And, when a rare needle does drop, it’s safe for children and pets. 

Each tree is hand-selected for its balanced conical shape; even proportions (without any holes or gaps); and perfect needle colour and sheen. Only the top Christmas trees are selected for the Croft & Cole collection so customers get peace of mind that the tree they send/receive is the perfect centrepiece for Christmas celebrations. 

The tree arrives in an easy-to-open bespoke hexagonal box, which is 100% recyclable. Simply place the tree in the desired location, pull the easy-tear tabs, and the wardrobe-like doors open to reveal a premium netted Christmas tree. Sizes range from four-foot to seven-and a-half-foot and, unlike most ‘side of the road’ retailers, Croft & Cole sells in half-foot sizes to make sure each tree fits perfectly in the desired location.  

Prices start at £63 for a four-foot tree and go up to £103 for a seven and a half-foot, with the most common choice, the six-foot tree, costing £85. Next-day delivery costs and VAT are included.


Thomas Onslow-Cole, CEO of Croft & Cole, commented: “We spend so much money on gifts that get put in a cupboard or thrown away. This is not only a waste of money but has a huge environmental impact. By buying a friend or family member a Christmas tree, you're not only bringing nature into their home at a time when we are supposed to be celebrating love and life, but it is also sustainable. We replant every tree we fell and the British farms we source from create a wonderful habitat for wildlife.”

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