6-7ft Nordmann Fir

6-7ft Nordmann Fir

From £74.99

  • Shape – Symmetrical, bushy and conical.
  • Branch strength – Strong (great for hanging decorations).
  • Needle retention – Excellent
  • Needle feel – Soft (better for kids and pets).
  • Allergies – More allergy-friendly than some alternatives
  • Smell – Subtle fresh smell
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This Fresh Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree is 6-7 feet tall. Featuring hundreds of individually hand-selected from expert growers around the United Kingdom for their outstanding quality and beauty. We search through hundreds of acres of premium Christmas trees, with only a tiny percentage being selected for the annual Croft & Cole collection, this tree is designed to look and feel lifelike.


The Nordmann Fir is the UK’s most popular Christmas tree. This is primarily due to its beautiful shape, and excellent needle retention, which is also why it is often known as the “non-drop” Christmas tree. It’s a dense, symmetrical tree with strong bushy branches which grow in tiers that become progressively larger towards the bottom.

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