Potted / Rooted Christmas Tree 3-4 FT

Potted / Rooted Christmas Tree 3-4 FT


  • Shape – Bushy and conical.
  • Branch strength – Strong (great for hanging decorations).
  • Needle retention – Excellent
  • Needle feel – Soft (better for kids and pets).
  • Allergies – More allergy-friendly than some alternatives
  • Smell – Subtle fresh smell



To provide you with the highest quality Christmas tree, our potted Nordmann Firs are individually selected from expert growers around the UK.


We offer Potted / Rooted Nordmann Firs Christmas Tree from 2-3ft up to 3-4ft on our website.


They are delivered in a non-decorative plastic gardening pot – colour and shape may vary due to close-circle sourcing from multiple British growers.



If properly cared for, they can be planted in the garden or kept in a pot for the following Christmas. Your potted Christmas tree, like most houseplants, will require frequent watering, but be careful not to overwater, and always place a large saucer underneath the pot to catch any excess fluid.


The tree will grow, naturally, at a rate of about one foot per year once it is established, so only put the tree outside if you have enough room for it to flourish. Please do your research first as it will need the right soil and circumstances to thrive. Once you have planted your tree in the garden, it will be very difficult to re-pot it and bring it into the house again but set some outside lights on it and enjoy it for years to come.


Make sure your Christmas tree is kept hydrated and out of direct sunlight if you plan to leave it in its container outside over the summer. Its ability to grow will be constrained inside the pot. Before the spring, repot it in a bigger container if you want it to grow. Make sure the soil has good drainage, and add Christmas tree plant food to help it adapt.

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