Christmas Tree Sizes


Christmas trees are from nature, so they come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason they tend to be sold in size ranges, such as 6-7ft. Even then ones advertised as “7ft” normally have a disclaimer in the small print about the acceptable size range of a 7ft tree. So if you would definitely like a 7ft tree for example, we would recommend sizing up and going for a 7ft – 8ft tree, rather than a 6ft – 7ft tree. It’s easy to make a tall tree shorter but impossible to make a small tree larger. 

Often real Christmas trees come with a long top branch which can be trimmed if necessary, or a trunk which can be sawn. Also if you request a smaller tree in the range you order it’s much easier for us to accommodate this request than a large tree in the range, simple because less people make this request so there is a greater supply. 


Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes however when it comes to real Christmas trees, you need to consider bushiness and width as well as height. Different trees are more suited to different spaces and of course, personal preference comes into deciding what look you would like for your tree.