Care guide

Blocked vs. Free-Standing Trees

Skip the blocked trees. Your Christmas tree will last longer if you place it in a stand that holds water, much like cut flowers.

Extending Your Tree's Lifespan

Cut trees can stay fresh for months in cold outdoor conditions. The real challenge starts when they enter a warm environment. So, if you get your tree a few days early, it’s a good idea to keep it outside.

Reducing Needle Drop

During netting, some needles may loosen. When you remove the netting, you’ll see them fall, but don’t worry. Firmly stamp the tree’s bottom against the ground outdoors until the falling stops. This should minimize further needle drop indoors.

Cut your trunk

To extend freshness, keep your tree well-watered. Optionally, cut 3-5cm off the bottom to remove any sap layer and open the tree’s pores, helping it absorb more water.

Choosing the Right Stand

Pick a stand that can hold sufficient water for your tree. Fresh trees soak up about 1 litre of water per day for each inch of trunk diameter, so make sure your stand can accommodate at least a day’s worth of water.