No Christmas tree shortage here... thanks to a lot of searching!

No Christmas tree shortage here... thanks to a lot of searching!

We've walked 160kms and searched 80,000 Christmas trees in fields across the UK, and have finally selected the full 2021 Croft & Cole Collection. But, it hasn't been an easy task...

It doesn't seem more than a few weeks ago that we were receiving festive photos from our happy customers and here we are already taking orders in their droves for Christmas 2021.

As ever, we're determined to make sure every tree we dispatch is beautiful but, with a bumper year for our growers in 2020, there was somewhat of a shortage of Christmas trees in the UK this Spring.

Couple this with the fact that last year we'd sold out in mid-November, and therefore wanted to double our stock in 2021, and we knew we had to work fast and hard to make sure we secured the top of the crop.

So, in June we set about hunting down more of the finest firs than ever before and, together, we examined more than 80,000 trees across England, Scotland and Wales.

After more than 200 hours and 200,000 steps we are confident we have once again selected a stunning collection and we can't wait to see them standing tall in your homes this winter.

Special thanks to our little dog Torka (pictured below) who spent so long searching for the perfect trees that he fell asleep against a Fraser Fir. It's a dogs life!

Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far. If you haven't placed yours yet, please don't leave it too late and, as always, simply get in touch if you have any questions.


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